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Conproco Mimic

Product Description

MIMIC is formulated to be compatible with natural stone and is color matched so that repairs will replicate the existing surface. MIMIC is available in 19 standard colors or can be matched to a specific substrate for a prepaid charge of $100. For special color matching complete the MIMIC color match form (available from Customer Support) and submit with a 4 inch by 4 inch piece of surface to be matched. The sample submitted must be cleaned using the same procedure as will be used on the building. Mix only as much material as can be placed in 15 – 20 minutes. Place in 1 – 2 inch lifts. Allow MIMIC to become thumb-print hard before applying additional material. Over-build MIMIC by 1/4 inch and shave to desired shape once it has reached initial set. The finishing technique will appear to affect the color. A smooth finish will appear to be a lighter color than a shaved finish. Shaving when green will yield a rougher texture. The harder the material the finer the finish when shaved. Experiment in an area that is hidden from view if possible.

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