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Product Description

  • Includes 10″ Vari-Cut Porcelain Diamond Blade.
  • Cuts tile and brick up to 20″ diagonal or 28″ rip cuts.
  • Depth of cut: 2-3/4″.
  • Innovative, patented Jet Stream Containment System keeps water inside the water pan.
  • New rolling wheel system with Duracon wheels.
  • Weighs only 79 lbs.
  • Able to make plunge and miter cuts.
  • Extra long 26″ cart for better tile support.
  • Equipped with Elgard which indicates, via the LED, when the machine is overloaded to prevent motor damage and increases motor life.
  • Electronic Softstart helps starting with normal, slow-acting fuses and increases brush and motor life.
  • Integrated wheels in frame allow saw to be pulled independently like a roller bag.
  • Water flow system designed to keep pump protected from slurry.
  • Larger blade flanges provide more support for blade core.

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