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Product Description

No matter what type of work you have to do, the 1.5 Cu. Ft. L-Series Blast Pot is ready for the challenge, from quick touch-ups to complete surface preparation jobs. This design offers a unique remote control design that eliminates the need for an inlet valve, outlet valve, and twin-line control hoses, which greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance. The optional KwikFire 153 Remote Control System provides instant on and off control of the abrasive flow at the nozzle. The precise metering capabilities of the 2-Hole Junior Abrasive Metering Valve are ideal for intricate and detailed blasting, making this pot a favorite for auto restoration, monument blasting, glass etching, and decorative artwork. An elevated control arm allows the blaster to make abrasive metering adjustments while standing up, rather than bending under the pot to make adjustments. A compact design, heavy-duty handle, and solid rubber tires make this blast pot highly portable and flexible enough to get the job done.

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