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Product Description

Features include a 27 hp engine with overhead valves, heavy-duty air cleaner, electric start, full pressure lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, and a mechanical fuel pump.

  • Several blade widths can be used, allowing different joint widths and crack control simultaneously.
  • The unique saw design allows for a 4″ depth of cut.

Other Features

  • Electronic remote key start and choke.
  • 27 hp engine with low oil light. Switch activated blade depth control. 15 amp regulated charging system.
  • Switch activated retractable guide.
  • Adjustable depth of cut 2″ to 4″.
  • Patented dry cut diamond blade & anti-ravel skid plate.
  • Mechanical depth gauge. Remote mounted air filter.
  • Patented low noise and low dust blade block enclosure.
  • Patented sawing method.
  • Non-stick low-density polyurethane wheels.
  • Built-in lifting system.
  • High strength single piece frame. Patented safety arbor.
  • Dual halogen headlights.
  • Positraction drive and self-propelled by lever activated hydrostatic transmission.
  • Blade footage counter & travel speed indicator.
  • Switch activated engine throttle.

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