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Yamaha EF12000DEY

Product Description

  • Dual voltage — Provides the versatility of 120 and 240 volt operation
  • OHV engine (overhead valve)— Precise valve actuation and heavy duty design offer improved efficiency, increased reliability and quite operation
  • Cast iron cylinder lining— Provides optimal heat dissipation, consistent performance during continuous use and long engine life
  • Oil Watch Warning System— Automatically shuts off before oil level is low and cannot be re-started until oil is added. Prevents engine damage and costly repairs while enhancing long-term durability
  • Auto Voltage Regulation — Guarantees correct power delivery even with extension cords, enhances performance, adds convenience
  • Transistor Controlled Ignition (T.C.I.) — Provides clean, efficient spark that ensures fast, easy starting. Low maintenance, reliable operation
  • Noise suppressor — Reduces electrical interference with TVs and radios
  • Auto decompression — Automatically “opens” exhaust valve slightly to reduce initial back pressure when starting making manual starting effortless
  • USFS-approved spark arrestor— Offers quiet operation and keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system, reducing chance of fires caused by an errant spark
  • GFCI — Ground Fault Circuit Interruption shuts off power when it senses a leak to ground to reduce risk of electric shock
  • Fuel gauge — Lets operator monitor how much fuel is left
  • Electric starter* — For convenient ease of operation (battery not included)
  • Economy idle — When there is no load on the generator, it automatically returns to idle for improved fuel efficiency and quieter operation
  • AC non-fuse thermal breaker — Protects AC circuit in case of an overload for added durability and peace of mind
  • Four wheels with parking brake —Easy transport and mobility
  • Tool kit— Makes service easier

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